Decisions, decisions

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Aaah it’s so far away and yet I can’t stop thinking about it! A student exchange to England is in my future, and I am so excited to get back to the UK for a few months. Ah, but that’s the question… to do a single semester for 4~ months, or a full year? Guess I need to figure that out soon.

Pros of a full year: get to spend it in England (booya!) and have more opportunities to get over to the continent and explore (so much there…can’t even list all the fun times); more time to learn another perspective of the world and history; also more time to spend in research mode for heritage… stuff.

Pros of a single semester: less money spent (of course, but is this really an issue with dreams?); more time at my home university to learn the Canadian view; home for Christmas and with the family for longer; also more time with the horses and my birdies (a very big pro).

Do I really need cons for each? Nah, it will be an amazing chance either way, the only con I can think of anyways is I might need to catch up on some courses to finish my degree… but that is not a problem. I do love school, not many people would say that but I really do. Missed it so much I came back after graduating!

Well lots of time for the decision to be made. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a new painting of mine called ‘The Ward’, based from a picture I took in Ireland near Castle Ward. Beautiful land, you really feel like you’re in another time there. So I painted the gateway to the water, a pathway to another place. Felt like I needed to get some nature pictures out there too, though architecture always creeps back in. Not that I mind it to do so, I can never escape the pull of made objects and the natural world intertwining.


16 x 48, oil and spray paint!

16 x 48, oil and spray paint!