Mind Over Matter – september 24

Art, poetry

I know I’ve neglected this for a while now, but that’s the life of a student. Ah well, the Poem a Day continues off-screen, and that’s all I need sometimes. Here’s one that came to me in September, plus a painting I just finished about 20 minutes ago.

(mind over matter)

It came back again
in my most vulnerable state
my mind was relaxed
meditation, unmoving;
the grass was whispering
against my skin
the trees in the distance
swayed as the current pushed
swirls in the sky
colours moving into themselves.

Then the sky clouded over
the colours dulled to grey
the oscillation held still
and my head turned to the side.

Heartbeat jumped in surprise
it was only a few feet away
staring through a haunting gape
the holes in the face
my pulse rose
meditation destroyed
but saved when my mind kicked back.

I lifted my hand
and with the wind
through my fingers
I wiped it away
rubbed from existence
erased from my world.

I turned back to the grass
and lay down in its embrace;
I felt the needles grow higher
and overcome me completely.

Image‘Gone Now’, acrylic and spray paint, 2013.

Word fight – August 12

Art, poetry

Well, over the last few weeks I’ve been a mixture of emotions due to grief. So I have been taking it out in my personal journals in rant after rant, not letting it build up to the point of a breakdown of emotions, and was thinking of posting one here when I realized, nah, it’s my own way of getting it all out. Lots of anger and isolation in those, not really the best of me to send out to the inter-world. Instead, I’ve kept up my poem-a-day challenge (where I write at least one poem a day based on the strongest event, feeling or thought of the day, plus anything else that comes to mind) and have decided to post one or two from those.

(word fight)

An artist, a poet,
whatever name you call it
the internal decision, pulsing
urge to put words together
.in my own style
A way to escape, feel the thoughts
.drain onto the page
like a vacuum of creativity
left for all to see
It’s so satisfying
to be empty
No phrases clawing away
characters in a death match of will
influence over my own mind
As the colourful works slip away
.serene, calm, void
.the power of chaos declines.