Poem of the Past: Coriolanus


I have really neglected these posts for the past few months. I don’t have the excuse of saying I hardly have time to write or paint, but that’s summer life really, always filling the day with work and play. And of course more than a few shitty instances that have occurred since my last post have hampered some inspiration. I can see how some people like to write through the grief of saying goodbye to loved ones, but I never could do it. It brings up too much that I’d rather just push away, forget about feeling bad and move on.

So until I get my act together and start something (possibly get a few short stories going, complete a few outlines… the normal stuff that writers wish they’d do but never do until that final push of “I need to get this done” occurs), here is an oldie from earlier this year. 


With a sword in his hand
he must be strong;
With a powerful yell
he must command;
With resolve in his eye
he must be leader;
though it can’t be so.

His stride is long
but steps are faint;
his tracks are washed out,
a stomp easily forgotten
as the ground rises around
and the rain falls;
flash-floods in his wake
not of joy, the fearful
path is washed out
with his back to us
slowly, far away
and we can breathe.

His thrust is resilient,
yet it’s a glancing blow
a poisonous strike,
determined to win
can it be precise; he falters
with the sun is against him
and it twitches, one stray glare
and the blade is weakened;
dropping now, drilled to the ground
with a grip lost, it slips
slowly, down
and his hand is outstretched
as one we can ignore.

But he is only that: just a man
consumed by pride and vanity
burning away until a tunnel,
his only vision, remains as
he is human;
He is one of us
and reaching out,
never sought or seen
in a plead to be drawn in,
embraced for one last time
proved worthy and finally

Poems – two for one deal

Art, poetry


I’ll put on someone else’s skin
just for a little while
to have different worries than my own
new anxieties, decisions
a change awaits at last
.         .in voice, mind, patterns
“We use death to reach the stars”
.         .of a mental being, not stopping my heart
No, using my heart to reach those stars
glistering above, forever and always
something to look forward to
I want to change, be another life
even if only for a little while.


“Fair is foul, and foul is fair”
Wisdom of the heart long forgotten
running now on pure theory
and with inner self pushed away
a new face emerges.
One I count on as a protector
it has not failed my fragile heart yet
to be determined, distant and disinterested
all in the name of a future to dream for.
I do not boast anything
.         .left wondering, intrigued possibly
as friendliness tempts me into ease
constant reminders of the separation,
.         .what could not be undone
and it sits with me like an iron heart
the hardest of all to shed in the end.
Cold exteriors will survive, persist
.         .and grow to hate everything around them.