Poem 7/12/13 “Bury”




‘Underwood’ c. AG, April 2012

Hidden no longer
a voice so enchanting
strong, passionate, excited
heard by most in a charming form
a repression of the brave
it pours out no longer
.the marshland’s dry
not even a downpour can bring it back.

But the melody is refreshing
a new twist for the greater people
this isn’t an age of acceptation
no matter what is said
instead of strength is cowardice
hiding behind false words
.no truth left to tell.

And when it does show
we notice in an instant
some are drawn to it’s beauty
others turn
such a curse
.the inevitable words
a slip, trip and fall ahead
even as stardom is promise.

So we lie in wait
for the true emergence
the only life form to fight change
especially for betterment
the words left naked
and flowing smoothly from caged tongues.